Greenpeace turns children to presidential candidates to ask them not to forget about the environment. Under the motto of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: "that the child you were not be ashamed of the adult you are", a 9-year-old Mariano Rajoy, Pablo Iglesias, Albert Rivera, Pedro Sánchez and Alberto Garzón, show their desire to take care of the nature, reminding their adult versions not to forget the protection of the environment in their election promises.

Direction and production: SERRÍN, Casting: Yaël in profile, Characterization: Sara Abigail Alvarez, Costumes: Norka Cosamalón, Postproduction: Ana Cortés

A reporter from El Independiente traveled aboard the Esperanza and got into the heart of a Greenpeace protest action in Huelva.

 Video: © Mario Viciosa

Greenpeace shows in a photographic simulation the possible extreme effects of climate change in the Cíes Islands

Vídeo: Greenpeace/Oscar Gómez

A small group of Greenpeace activists have taken advantage of the darkness of the night to "unfold" in front of the Congress of Deputies a new light banner in which they have projected various messages such as "Let's turn the system around" or "Reinvent".

Video: Greenpeace / Alvaro Lagos

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